Copa Libertadores

While the rest of the world have their Champions League competitions in South America the top teams compete for the Copa Libertadores.

The South American Club Championship was held for first time in 1948. Teams representing seven South American countries met in Chile to compete for the first title. Vasco da Gama the Brazilian club from Rio de Janeiro won the initial tournament.

The competition was changed in 1960 to rival the European cup that was established in 1955. The competition was now called Copa Libertadores.

The most successful teams in the competitions history are Independiente of Argentina with seven victories including four successive titles between 1972 and 1975. Boca Juniors also from Argentina and Peñarol from Uruguay have both won five titles.

The previous 5 winners have been:

  • 2006 Internacional (Brazil)
  • 2005 São Paulo FC (Brazil)
  • 2004 Once Caldas (Colombia)
  • 2003 Boca Juniors (Argentina)
  • 2002 Olimpia (Paraguay)

This year’s competition has come to the semi-final stage. The quarter-finals played over two legs had these four winners:

  • Santos FC (Brazil) 2 América (Mexico) 1
  • Cúcuta Deportivo (Colombia) 4 Nacional (Uruguay) 2
  • Grêmio (Brazil) 2 Defensor (Uruguay) 2 (4-2 on Penalties)
  • Boca Juniors (Argentina) 3 Libertad (Paraguay) 1

The semi-finals are to be played 30th and 31st May and 6th and 7th June.



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