Club Focus 2007-08 Flick to Kick follows The Dale

In the coming 2007-08 season Flick to Kick will follow a team at the lower reaches of the football league system. The selected team is Rochdale AFC.

This first posting in the series takes a look at Rochdale’s history.

Rochdale have spent the last 33 seasons in the England’s lowest division – a record.

Rochdale were founded in 1907 and play at Spotland Stadium. They joined the Division 3 North when it was established in 1921. In the initial season they finished in last place. In 1958-59 the Third Division North and South were united in a national Third and Fourth Division. Rochdale who had finished the previous season in 10th position gained a place in the Third Division but finished last and where relegated. In 1968-69 the club gained third place in the Fourth Division and where promoted. Rochdale’s ninth position in the first season after promotion is the club’s highest position. In 1973-74 where again relegated back to the League’s lowest division where they have remained since. Twice in the 1970’s the club ended bottom of the football league system and had to apply for re-election. In season 2001-02 Rochdale finished in fifth position but lost in the Play-off semi-final. Rochdale finished last season in ninth place.

In 1962 Rochdale reached the Final of the first League Cup – the only club from the lowest division that have reached the final of a major competition – but lost to Norwich over two legs.



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