The World’s 100 Best Players – One More Look

The October 2007 edition of the English football magazine FourFourTwo had a list of the 100 best players in the world. In earlier posts I’ve looked at which country and club are best according to the list. Here’s a few more figures from the list.

Which league has the most players in the list?

  • Premier League 32
  • La Liga 30
  • Serie A 22
  • Bundesliga 9
  • Ligue 1 3
  • North Amarican MLS 1
  • Portugal 1
  • Ukraine 1
  • Scotland 1

The list is dominated by European (68) and South American (24) players. The list has five African players:

  • Eto’o 94 points (Number one in the list is given 100 points)
  • Drogba 88
  • Essien 81
  • K. Toure 30
  • Kanoute 29

The three final players are from Central America (Suazo 62 points and Castillo 6) and Asia (Nakamura 1 point).

The highest country in the FIFA World Ranking  without a player in the list is Scotland in 14th place.

The oldest player in the list Paolo Maldini who is 39 and ranked at number 28 in the list. The youngest player – the Brazilian striker Alexandre Pato aged 18 and ranked 99 – also plays for AC Milan.


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