On This Day – First Goal Scored Direct From a Corner Kick

11-10-1924: In 1924 the rules of the game where changed so that a goal could be scored directly from a corner. The first player to do this in a League match was Huddersfield’s Billy Smith in Huddersfield’s 4-0 home win against Arsenal.

Billy Smith, who was born in Tantobie in County Durham scored 126 goals for Huddersfield between 1913 and 1934. He scored the only goal of the 1922 FA Cup Final against Preston North End at Stamford Bridge. Huddersfield where one of the leading teams of the 1920’s winning the League title in three consecquitive seasons.

Corner kicks had been introduced to football in 1872 but it was first in 1924 that it was possible to score directly. The change in the law had one loop hole which was exploited by Everton’s Sam Chedgzoy soon after the change. In a match against Tottenham at White Hart Lane Chedgzoy dribbled past the non-plussed Spurs defenders and placed the ball in the net. The new rule had not stated that the same player couldn’t kick the ball twice.


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