On This Day – Upton Park Win Olympic Gold

20-10-1900: London club Upton Park won the first Olympic football tournament on this day in 1900. The 1900 Olympics where held in Paris. The football competition consisted of three clubs and two matches. The first game between Upton Park and the French club Club Française ended 4-0 to Upton Park. The goals where scored by J. Nicholas 2, Arthur Turner, and J. Zealey. Three days later Club Française met Université de Bruxelles from Belguim. The French club won 6-2. Both matches where played the Velodrome Municipal de Vincennes in Paris.

Upton Park and Great Britain won the gold, Club Française the silver and Université de Bruxelles the bronze.

London club Upton Park played their home matches at West Ham Park but their appears to be no connection between the club and today’s West Ham United (who where then known as Thames Ironworks). Upton Park where one of the the 15 teams that competed in the first FA Cup competition in 1871-72. The club was founded in 1866 and ceased to exist in 1911.


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