The Double Teams

The leading players from the 10 teams to do the Cup and League double in England.

1888-89 Preston North End: J. Goodall, J. Gordon, J. Graham, R. Holmes, R. Howarth, T. Robertson, J. Ross and J. Trainer.

1896-97 Aston Villa: W. Athersmith, J. Campbell, J. Cowan, J. Crabtree, J. Devey, J. Reynolds, H. Spencer, G. Wheldon and J. Whitehouse

1960-61 Tottenham Hotspur: L. Allen, P. Baker, D. Blanchflower, W. Brown, T. Dyson, R. Hendry, C. Jones, D. Mackay, M. Norman, R. Smith and J. White

1970-71 Arsenal: G. Armstrong, G. Graham, E. Kelly, R. Kennedy, F. McLintock, R. McNab, J. Radford, P. Rice, P. Simpson, P. Storey and B. Wilson

1985-86 Liverpool: J. Beglin, B. Grobbelaar, A. Hansen, C. Johnston, M. Lawrenson, S. McMahon, J. Molby, S. Nicol, I. Rush and R. Whelan

1993-94 Manchester United: S. Bruce, E. Cantona, R. Giggs, M. Hughes, P. Ince, D. Irwin, A. Kanchelskis,  R. Keane, G. Pallister, P. Parker, P. Schmeichel and L. Sharpe

1995-96 Manchester United: D. Beckham, S. Bruce, N. Butt, E. Cantona, A. Cole, R. Giggs, D. Irwin, R. Keane, G. Neville, P. Neville, P. Schmeichel and L. Sharpe

1997-98 Arsenal: T. Adams, D. Bergkamp, L. Dixon, M. Overmars, R. Parlour, E. Petit, D. Seaman, P. Viera, N. Winterburn and I. Wright

1998-99 Manchester United: D. Beckham, J. Blomqvist, N. Butt, A. Cole, R. Giggs, D. Irwin, R. Keane, G. Neville, P. Shmeichel, P. Scholes, J. Stam and D. Yorke

2001-02 Arsenal: D. Bergkamp, S. Campbell, A. Cole, T. Henry, M. Keown, E. Lauren, F. Ljungberg, R. Parlour, R. Pires, P. Viera and S. Wiltord


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