Milan Old Boys Take on Real

Six of the AC Milan starting eleven against Real Madrid in tonight’s Champion League group match are in their thirties:

  • Abbiati 33
  • Nesta 34
  • Zambrotta 33
  • Gattuso 32
  • Pirlo 31
  • Ronaldinho 30

Ronaldinho was replaced by 37 year old Inzaghi in the second half. The Italian master goal poacher scored his 69th goal in European matches  eight minutes after that he entered the match.

The Milan bench also featured:

  • Seedorf 34
  • Ambrosini 33
  • Yepes 34

Inzaghi netted his second for the night in the 78th minute. Not surprisingly he was off side, but for once the flag stayed down. Inzaghi is now top scorer in UEFA club matches with 70 goals, two in front of Raul. Gerd Muller, with 62 goals, holds third place.


Top 10 UEFA Club Goalscorers



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