Messi vs Ronaldo Shoot Out Update

You can find the first part of the story that documents the first 18 league games of the 2010-11 La Liga season and the Messi vs Ronaldo stats her.

The standing after 18 league games was:

  • Messi 18 goals from 15 starts
  • Ronaldo 22 goals from 18 starts

Since then their have been four games:

  1. Messi 0 (18) Ronaldo 0 (22)
  2. Messi 1 (19) Ronaldo 0 (22)
  3. Messi 2 (21) Ronaldo 0 (22)
  4. Messi 3 (24) Ronaldo 2 (24)

All square after 22 games. Notice that Messi has played three games less than Ronaldo.

Messi also tops the assists table with 14 assists, while Ronaldo is in ninth place with 6 assists (today’s game is not included for Ronaldo).

Messi is of course playing in one of Spain’s all-time great teams. Barcelona’s 3-0 victory over Atletico Madrid was their 16th in a row, which broke the previous record of 15 consecutive victories that was achieved by Real Madrid in the 1960-61 season.



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