Gattuso Gives Joe ‘Jaws’ Jordan a Glasgow Kiss

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

BTW Spurs won 1-0 against AC Milan at the San Siro thanks to a late break away goal from Peter Crouch.

Photo: Susan NYC


4 Responses to Gattuso Gives Joe ‘Jaws’ Jordan a Glasgow Kiss

  1. imzahmed29 says:

    that was some spectcaulr moment. what do you think was going through gattuso’s head?

  2. Seemed like the Snarler totally lost the plot in the second half. One moment he was arguing with Crouch, the next moment shoving Jordan. Whatever the reason, the thought of Gattuso and Jordan (in his playing days) face to face makes me laugh.

  3. imzahmed29 says:

    I would definitely like to see those two guys go at it in a ring lol. Do you think spurs make it through to the next round? I think they’re in a pretty good position now.

  4. If Bale’s back for the second match I can’t see Milan coping with his and Lennon’s pace. It would suprise me if Milan went through. On the other hand Italian teams enjoy playing on the break so I wouldn’t rule them out totally.

    The dream of a North London derby at Wembley in May is still alive for Tottenham and Arsenal supporters.

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